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Thermal imaging Flat Roof Condition Surveys

Horton Levi has specialised in commercial flat roof surveys since 1992. We have a range of purpose equipment to detect and trace leaks in roof membranes. Infrared equipment is also used to provide a visualisation of underlying moisture. Thermal imagers do not ‘see’ under the membrane but detect a thermal difference as a result of the moisture. Locating the origin of moisture ingress is not always an obvious task since water can travel from where it enters to where it is apparent. Modern sophistocated electronics instruments and thermal imaging greatly assist in pinpointing these problems.
In this image, the Red areas show warmed underlying moisture spread. This was verified using electronics test equipment.
Water ingress behind render has travelled behind the roof membrane up-turn and had started to spread out into the roof.
Colours show moisture density levels in the parapet wall. Parapets are commonly a cause of water ingress into a roof.
Water behind the window panels has travelled down behind the up-turn and had spread under the roof membrane (blue). Thermal data is always confirmed using electronics test equipment.
Corner parapet wall was saturated. Image shows the spread is initaially from the corner coping.
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