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Thermal imaging heat loss surveys 

Thermal imaging is an extremely effective technique for

immediately detecting, visualising and recording temperature

differences and anomalies. The applications are numerous and

varied. This page is however dedicated to heat loss from

buildings caused by missing cavity wall insulation / defects,

moisture ingress or damp.

Moisture is an efficient conductor of heat energy and wet insulation is in fact worse than no insulation. Heat loss from buildings can be caused by a combination of draughts from poorly fitting windows and doors and or insulation integrity. Thermography can display surface temperature variations that provide information in the underlying structure
Government Building
Council semi detached house. Right side and roof had just been insulated.
Insulation voids and window failures
Left house had single glazed windows. Roof on left has insulation voids or damp issues.
Red areas show heat loss. Insulation or damp issues.

Aerial Heat Loss Surveys

White areas in this roof are the result of missing or damaged insulation.        White lines are sub-surface heating pipes on a housing estate. Had there                                                                                                                          been a leak a ‘plume’ or heat spread along a pipe would be evident.
Sample image of thermal data geo-rectified over an OS map. Whole cities and boroughs are mapped in this fashion.
Raw data thermal image of Lewisham Hospital
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Filmed over London at 3,000 Feet
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